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Sandwich panel SPB WE ENERGY

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With its non-combustible structural mineral wool core, this panel absorbs noise well and provides excellent fire safety and thermal insulation. It is an ideal solution for facades with high requirements for energy efficiency, fire resistance, strength and architectural appearance.

It is also suitable for tall buildings due to its long spanning capability between supports.

Save up to 30% in your building maintenance cost with our new energy panel solution 

The energy panel solution consists of airtight Ruukki energy panels, structural details, accessories, airtightness instructions, installation carried out by a certified Ruukki partner and an airtightness promise.

This panel can be used in the energy panel solution due to a special ENERGY gaskets in its joint. To ensure excellent air tightness, ENERGY sandwich panels are subject to a strict production quality control.

By using our sandwich panel solutions, you can increase the LEED and BREEAM credit count for your building as well as lower heating energy costs and CO2 emissions.  


  • External walls

Design and installation services are an important part of Ruukki's sandwich panel offering package with a view to speeding up our customers' projects.

We help you to choose optimal products and design your building using our products, as well as decide on installation methods and maintenance instructions to ensure a long lifespan.


Core material: Mineral wool (MW)
Module / total width (mm): 1100 (1000) / 1118 (1018)
Length (m): 2.0 - 12.0
External facing thickness (mm): 0.60 (or 0.50)
Internal facing thickness (mm): 0.50
Reaction to fire: A2-s1, d0
Air leakage rate n50 (1/h): 0.6, 0.9

Properties by panel thickness

Thickness (mm) 160180  200
Weight (kg/m2) 23.6 25.8 27.2
U-value (W/m2K) 0.24 0.22 0.20
Sound insulation Rw (dB) 29 29 29
Wall fire resistance values & max span horizontal/vertical orientation (m):
EI120 10.5/4 10.5/4 10.5/4
EI90 10.6/4 10.6/4  10.6/4
EI60 11.1/10.4 11.1/10.4  11.1/10.4
EI30 11.1/12.0 11.1/12.0 11.1/12.0
Ceiling fire resistance values & max span (m):
EI120 (inside, stitched joint)  3.0 
EI60 (inside, stitched joint)  3.0  -
EI30 (inside, stitched joint)  3.0 
EI15 (inside, stitched joint)  3.0 

Coatings & colours


Standard coating for external and internal faces

Optional coating for external faces

Corrosion classes C2-C3

Corrosion classes C1-C3

Polyester (25 μm), Hiarc (27 μm)* 

Hiarc (27 μm) 

* Colours 9006, 9007, 7035 available as standard in Hiarc (27 μm) coating.

Standard colours  

RAL 9002 Grey white
RAL 9002 Grey white
External and internal face
RAL 9010 Pure white
RAL 9010 Pure white
External and internal face
RAL 9006 White aluminium
RAL 9006 White aluminium
External face
RAL 9007 Grey aluminium
RAL 9007 Grey aluminium
External face
RAL 7035 Light grey
RAL 7035 Light grey
External face
RAL 1015 Light ivory
RAL 1015 Light ivory
External face
RAL 5005 Signal blue
RAL 5005 Signal blue
External face
RR 23 Dark grey
RR 23 Dark grey
External face

Profile options

Building solutions, Sandwich panel profile linear Sandwich panel profile micro

Linear profile

For external and internal face.

Micro profile

For external face.

Sandwich panel profile Rib 250 (275) Sandwich panel profile R 500 (550)

Rib 275 profile

For external face (R250 for modular width 1000 mm).

Rib 550 profile

For external face (R500 for modular width 1000 mm).

Sandwich panel profile Rib 28 Sandwich panel profile flat
Rib 28 profile

For external face (for modular width 1000 mm).

F profile

For external and internal face.

Ruukki's facade cladding solutions offer practically unlimited architectural possibilities for Ruukki's sandwich panel facade. For instructions for attachding facade claddings on Ruukki panels, see "Instructions".


Accessories for sandwich panels include e.g. flashings, fasteners, gaskets and sealing flanges.

These accessories ensure fast assembly, fastening reliability, joint tightness, and aesthetic improvement of external and internal walls surface construction, as well as roofs of construction works of various size and destination.

Download accessory list for Sandwich panels

 Sandwich panel accessory U plint purlinSandwich panel accessory plinth purlin EA1L75 30


Download assembly instructions (pdf, 2MB)

Assembly instructions document includes information about:

  • Packing
  • Transportation and unloading
  • Storaging
  • Assembling

Download maintenance instructions (pdf, 0.71MB)

Maintenance instructions document contains information about:

  • Washing
  • Painting

Download instructions for attaching facade claddings on Ruukki panels (pdf, 1MB)

Facade cladding instructions include information about: 

  • Fixing principles
  • Dimensioning principles
  • Section drawings